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Viorica Violet Vandor

Award winning best seller author, children's book illustrator and portrait artist

Sensitive and talented, Viorica Violet Vandor has been attracted by the world of art and literature ever since she was a child. Since 1991, she working on the position of writer, illustrator and editor and has published more than seventy children’s books, a lot of them bestseller stories, coloring and activity books, poems, illustrations and caricatures. During December 1999 – 2006, she was a co-editor for the children’s magazine entitled “The Little Friend”, magazine which also published her stories, poems and thousands of illustrations.

Also she illustrated children stories for authors like: Janice D.Green, Dennis Marten, Russell Bittner, Lucia Monica Gorea, Susie Mull-Ready, Nate Whiting from the USA, Canada and UK.

In 2016 she participated at an international contest in Japan „Art&Life” where she received 4 Awards for book illustrations, graphics, portrait and fantasy novel (one chapter sent from Steven Smith, adventures in the world of magic) In 2017 and 2018 also from Japan, she received 3 Awards for Art, one of them being the Distinction: "Messenger on the Yamato Meridian" and appeared in the book "Just for you, Japan" (anthology of literary and artistic creation-bilingual) book, that received the Romanian Writers League Award in the 2017 editorial year.

For two years( 2018-2020) her fairytale, "The three stone roses" was played successfully at the Art Theater in Deva, by the actors of the theater. At the same time in the foyer of the theater she also had an exhibition of her illustrations and her new book release.

Since October 2020, she publishes in Hungarian and in Romanian a free online magazine entitled "Pinky Elf’s Realm" for 3-10 years old children.










Dennis M. Marten

Violet is a wonderful illustrator. She puts her heart and soul into each drawing. Her creativity and imagination are unmatched. I look forward to her illustrating many more books about Pip and Sammy.

Dennis M. Marten founder of PipKids™ America (December 2013)


Janice D Green

Janice D hired Violet as a illustrator in 2011 and hired Violet more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Violet has created several Bible story coloring pages for my blog at She is very professional. She is willing to try new ideas, eager to please, and dependable. Her work can be seen at”

May 4, 2012

Terri Forehand

, blog editor for Stories For Children Magazine Blog, Stories for Children Magazine (business partner)
“Viorica is a talented illustrator whose work enhances any text. Wonderful artist.”

May 17, 2012

Elysabeth Faslund

, Dragon, Come Here!, (colleague)

“As an illustrator of children`s books, Viorica is one of the best examples I know of for that position. Dedication, creativity, knowledge of what appeals to children is only part of her skills. As an author, Viorica excels with the written word, having a mastery over it that is second to none. I highly recommend her talents.”

May 16, 2012


Kumbi Johnson

Founder and Originator at The Queen Mother Memorial Poetry Competition

I have known Viorica for some time as a member of Linkedin. I recommend her on the basis of her being a good Children`s Writer and Illustrator.I myself being a Children`s Writer and Poet I know a good writer when I see and smell one.
Thank you Kumbi Johnson-Children`s Writer and Poet

December 12, 2012

Russell Bittner

Traffic Coordinator at ABC Television

Viorica (Violet) and I recently collaborated on "One Little Christmas Tree" -- my children`s story about the fate of a scion to the BIG Christmas Tree that ends up every year at Rockefeller Center. To say the very least, Viorica is both conscientious as a collaborator (thousands of miles away!) and diligent in her craft.

November 21, 2012, Russell was Viorica (Violet)`s client

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